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Explore Discover Inspire by Dan & Lois

Hi, we're Dan & Lois.

We are a Husband & Wife creative team, based in Kent, UK.

We started Explore Discover Inspire back in 2018, in the form of an Instagram account, which we simply used to share our photography work and document our travels & experiences. Today, we still do exactly that, but now we also host our Travel Blog here on this website, for people to use and enjoy.

Our Blog will be a place where we share useful travel guides, resources, reviews, & recommendations, as well as little stories and updates! We aim to make it an interesting, inspiring and worthwhile place to visit online. Somewhere you enjoy the content and trust that's coming from two normal, travel-loving people :-)

A short history of us

We met in 2008, became best of friends & started dating in 2010, got engaged in 2012 and married in 2014. Since then we've had a real passion for travelling and exploring new places together around the world - experiencing different cultures, trying new foods and discovering beautiful locations. Whilst doing so, we love to document parts of our adventures and create unique content, that we hope inspires others to explore new places!

Our passion

In a nutshell, our passion is to explore and create. Through photography, videography & writing, we love to tell stories, share our experiences and curate inspired travel guides. Our goal is to simply continue doing this in every new way that we can, whilst always staying present and enjoying the journey together.

So that's just a brief introduction to who we are and what we do!

Alongside our social media accounts on Instagram, YouTube & Facebook we will also be keeping in touch with our little community through our Monthly Newsletter, for a more personal touch. So if you haven't already, feel free to sign up to it below. Each month's Newsletter shares free travel guides, videos, tips & recommendations, and lots more that we don't share on our social media. Just click the link below and scroll down to the 'Monthly Newsletter' sign up section.

Thanks for being here!

Dan & Lois

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